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When Justinas and Eisve met, they were very different – Eisve was a very systematic and well-organized person, while Justinas didn’t have a daily and strict schedule. As a photographer, he kept his ideas in his mind without worrying about making any plans. Soon enough in their relationship Eisve and Justinas realized just how much they have in common – they had very similar goals in life and started creating this project together. As their relationship grew, so did the blog, their goals, and future plans.

LongWeLive is showing the tools on how to turn anxiety into excitement and trust, how to decide what you want your story to be and focus on creation of it. Eisve and Justinas’ goal is to inspire people to reach their goals, become more balanced, and live the best life! Together they are showing others how to live in alignment to your purpose through online membership sites and live retreats.


We will travel as long as we live, love as long as we live, learn as long as we live



Eisvė is a creative strategist, specializing in reducing stress and anxiety by living in alignment with your vision. Her unique formula is accompanied by widely accessible psychology tools and neuro associations centered around creating new neural pathways and mastering your mind.

Eisve created a model that allows you to empower yourself and guide yourself through the process to master your mind, day and life. Self-discovery is pursued through daily journaling that you would align with your authentic self. Eisve provides a formula and tools to assist in your own exploration.



Justinas is a visual storyteller with more than 9 years of experience as a portrait photographer. He believes that everyone has a story to tell and he has a gift to show it visually. Justinas empowers women through photography to feel confident and beautiful.

Justinas is a leading mentor for portrait photographers showing how to create their own authentic style, up-level in portrait photography through programs at The Migo Studio.



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