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When Justinas and Eisve met, their lives were very different – Eisve was finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Bioarchaeology, while Justinas kept himself busy with photography. The first words Justinas said to Eisve were “I want to dig”. With this short sentence, their story began. Soon enough Eisve and Justinas realized just how much they have in common – they were both involved in an international Help-Portrait project and had very similar goals in life.

After many trips the couple took together, Eisve and Justinas started a sustainable travel blog. This project expanded as they shared more and more about their daily lives and sustainable lifestyle. Eisve and Justinas’ goal is to inspire people to make more of an effort to take care of our planet and adopt an ECO-friendly way of living.
As their relationship grew, so did the blog, their goals and future plans.

travel as long as we live, love as long as we live, learn as long as we live.



Who we are and what we do for you

Justinas is a professional photographer. He discovers and captures people, places and emotions to show specific moments. He creates unique portraits, weddings, pre-weddings, events, businesses pictures. He owns a photo studio located at home country Lithuania, Kaunas. And he is a master of passive stock images income at .

 Justinas is available for assignments: info@longwelive.com


Eisvė is a writer, who believes in the tremendous power of a well-told story. She writes content for this blog and loves to share her passion by telling stories from people met all over the world. She concentrates on differences between cultures, untold stories, eco-friendly living, variety of plant-based food and some tips and tricks for wonderful travellers.

If you feel that her style of writing would be just right to represent your business, she would be glad to help you out. Good writting can make or break you business. Do not hesitate to contact her and discuss your needs. Just drop Eisvė a line: info@longwelive.com


We try to enjoy every moment of our lives by going to our souls deeply, letting the light lead us with our eyes closed. Magic happens when we work together!

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